Dump Trailers

dumpster trailers, Troy, Mi.

Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are also called rubber wheeled dumpsters. They are driveway friendly and great for furniture, carpet, household debris, and junk typically found in basements, garages and sheds. They come in standard cubic yard sizes. A cubic yard is 3' high x 3' wide x 3' deep. We have a size for most jobs, from 6 to 17 cubic yards.

Rubber Wheeled Dumpster sizes:

6 yard = 4' high x 5' wide x 8'

11 yard = 3' high x 7' wide x 14'

14 yard = 4' high x 7' wide x 14'

17 yard = 5' high x 7' wide x 14'

rubber wheel dumpsters, Troy, Mi.

rubber wheel dumpsters, Birmingham, Mi.

Dump trailers can be placed in areas that a roll off dumpster can't. Some condos ban dumpsters but allow trailers. Trailers can be put in tighter spots and in areas with low hanging wires.